Motorsports is our heritage. It influences everything we do.  It's best summed up by our "Motorsports Attitude" -- undaunted in the face of a challenge.

When a race car goes into the wall during trials on Thursday and still has to be on the starting grid on Saturday, we do whatever is necessary to make it happen. Results Matter. It's the difference between "try" and "do".

Face the challenge, develop and execute the solution, and complete the task. That is a Motorsports Attitude, and this is our foundation. It is who we are.

Since 1997 Élan Technologies has shown that results matter. We have produced world-class, winning race cars at the highest levels. From Indy 500 winners to victories on endurance racing's biggest stages like the 24 Hours of Le Man, Élan has provided the technology, knowledge and experience to create and deliver outstanding solutions again and again.

We have a passion that drives us, and it's reflected in our mission statement:

"... to exceed the needs and expectations of our customers by providing world-class winning solutions."

At Élan Technologies, we live this every day. Exceeding our customer's needs and expectations is what drives us to create solutions such as:

  • Safety Crash Cells -- We were the first motorsports company outside F1 to design and build race car safety cells to F1 standards, the most extreme test standards in the industry.
  • Anti-Intrusion Panels -- We are the only motor sports company to develop and offer a R.E.A.M.S anti-intrusion panel to protect drivers of open-wheel, tubular-frame race cars in high-speed accidents.

Technically adept, a passion for what we do, customer focused, and a our Motorsports Attitude handle your challenge. Results Matter.

Let us develop and deliver your world-class solution.



  • Panoz Abruzzi
  • Panoz LMP-1
  • INDY Cars – 12 cars built
  • SCCA single seater and Sports Racer - 135 cars built to date.
  • Star Mazda single seater - 110 cars built to date
  • IMSA LITES Sports Racer - 52 cars built to date
  • Champ Car World Series - 35 cars built
  • Superleague Series - 21 cars built
  • F2000 - 10 cars built
  • NP01 - 25 cars/kits delivered, and counting

For more information about our Motorsports credentials, visit our Élan Motorsports website.


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