Èlan Power Products provides innovative engine building development and management programs that supply cutting-edge technology for projects in any racing environment around the world.

Èlan Power Products is known for developing, building, and servicing racing engines and drivetrain systems to deliver outstanding performance and reliability. We focus on making the car faster, not just making more horsepower. Elan Power Products analyzes all factors related to the engine-chassis interaction to enhance the entire program and help ensure success.

Whether engine design and development, fuel management, rebuild services, or electronic and non-electronic engine management systems, Elan Power Products uses its extensive machining, flow test, quality control and dynamometer facilities to rebuild your engine or design one from the ground up.

Èlan Power Products also supplies engines to entire racing series.  Unlike building an engine for a single team where the challenge is to get the best performance from that one engine, building engines for an entire race series requires precision and exact tolerances because all must be identical. We have developed incredibly precise capabilities to build and certify performance, delivering outstanding performance and reliability consistency.

Whether developing a single high-performance engine, a series of engines, or simply requiring periodic certification that an engine meets regulations, please contact us to discuss your application.


" It was clear from the first fire-up of the engine that it was a serious piece, with a smooth yet powerful tone emanating from the 344 CID Ford. "

" With outstanding power and torque throughout the curve, the engine handily captured first position in the Xtreme category, with a score of 3045. "

" In Xtreme, Elan Power Products kicked off the day with a radical, road-race-derived Ford, sporting Yates C3 heads.  The engine smashed all previous competitors in the category. "


Quotes from Popular Hot Rodding Magazine regarding Elan Power Products first entry (2011) in the AMSOIL Engine Masters competition. EPP’s entry was the very first in Engine Masters history to break the 3000 point barrier.



  • Sunnen internal hone--sizes through holes from .5" -2.75" with .0001" accuracy
  • Sunnen Cylinder Hone ---Automotive specific cylinder sizing machine
  • Serdi 5.0---- Automotive valve seat and guide machining center
  • Sunnen Balancer---- Balances rotating parts
  • Sunnen center less valve grinder--for shaping and refinishing automotive poppet style valves
  • Sunnen -head and block mill--48"/18" inch capacity
  • (2) Froude  G490 dynos with CP  closed loop controls, 3500 cfm/ temp./humidity controlled combustion air unit
  • 700 cfm flow bench- for measuring airflow
  • Cam Doctor with Audi Tech. acquisition software -- for measuring and evaluating valve train
  • Hommelwerke surface finish measurement -- use to measure surface roughness of machined/ honed parts.
  • Numerous inspection/measuring devices



DeltaWing RacingCars -

Turning their sights to the 2013 racing season, the  DeltaWing Racing Cars team approached Èlan Power Products to develop an all-new engine specifically designed and purpose built to meet the DeltaWing racecar's performance requirements and unique and efficient vehicle architecture.

With half the weight, half the drag, half the horsepower and nearly half the fuel consumtion, the DeltaWing is competitive in sports car racing. Èlan created a 1.9-liter, four-cylinder turbocharged engine delivering 345 horsepower and capable of propelling the DeltaWing to over 200 mph and  ompeting with race cars with twice the horsepower.

Èlan Power Product experts began with a proven Mazda platform due to its great success and reliability history. The team redesigned the engine block to save 15 lbs. while still generating impressive horsepower nearly 50 horsepower greater than the previous powerplant.

Soon after Èlan began work on phase two, an engine with a one-of-a-kind and innovative engine block to shave more weight. This engine weighs just over 170 lbs. and powers the current DeltaWing Coupe.

Less weight -- more power -- improved power-to-weight ratio -- in the lightest competitor on the grid.  Just the kind of technical challenge Èlan craves.


Engine features:

  • 1.9 liter billeted block
  • Direct Fuel Injection
  • Turbo charger
  • More developments to come



Davidson Racing -

Competing in the National Auto Sport Association's grueling "25 hours of Thunderhill", Davidson Racing enlisted Èlan Power's expertise to improve the performance of their endurance racing engine in their #18 RCR Eagle.  Elan Power is proud to be part of the team that helped Davidson Racing to their first ever finish of the world's longest endurance race and to a 2nd place overall finish at Thunderhill.





AMSOILS Engine Masters Competition - 344 CID Ford Small Block

The experts at Popular Hot Rodding Magazine had this to say:


"This was amazing!  For the First time in Engine Masters history - over 3,000 Points!  Blew everybody away.  Number one for Extreme Street."

Quote from Clarence Barnes of Popular Hot Rodding regarding Elan Power Products' Engine Masters 344 CID Ford entry.

"The Èlan Power Products team brought an attention getting Ford small block based upon a Windsor block featuring a set of C3 Yates cylinder heads and a unique Èlan intake manifold from Ford's Trans Am road racing program.  The extensively modified manifold was plumbed with a FAST EFI system.  It was clear from the first fire-up of the engine that it was a serious piece, with a smooth yet powerful tone emanating from the 344 CID Ford. The engine proceeded to rip to the tune of as much as 676 horsepower, nearing the 2 hp per cubic inch level.  With outstanding power and torque throughout the curve, the engine handily captured first position in the Xtreme category, with a score of 3045."

Quote from Popular Hot Rodding regarding Elan Power Products' Engine Masters entry.


Robertson Racing - Doran Design/H Craft, Ford GT

Èlan Power returned to the ALMS GT-2 field in late 2010 in the beautiful Robertson Racing Ford GT. This car is prepared by Dick Barbour racing of Braselton, Ga. This engine project continues in 2011 with a comprehensive development program focused on increased horsepower, fuel efficiency and reliability. 

Engine features:

  • Ford OE style head and block castings
  • EPP proprietary barrel throttles
  • EPP/ Mahle ultra light pistons
  • Ultra low friction cylinder liners
  • EPP/ Comp Cams proprietary valve train components
  • Dailey Engineering dry sump system

Rafanelli - Olive Garden Ferrari 550 GTS

EPP inherited this project which was in need of a big power burst. All hands were on deck and every resource used to complete the project in record time. This was a great example of how modeling and predicting software can be used to limit development time. As an example, as soon as the prototype cylinder head port was finalized that flow/lift curve was fed into an in-progress model and camshaft information was relayed to a masterless grinder. The model and predicting software was used to design the intake runner shape and length and production started on a new carbon fiber intake manifold. In 11 weeks, we had a completely different engine that made 35% more average horse power and 68 additional ft/lbs of peak torque. This car and engine hounded the perennial GTS front runners with numerous podiums and a pole position at Petit Le Mans.

Engine included:

  • Factory Ferrari V-12 block fitted with Perfect bore liners and EPP designed, no gasket, head-to-block sealing solution
  • Extensively modified Ferrari 575 crank for weight reduction
  • Custom Carrillo rods with steel on DLC small ends
  • Del west titanium valves and DLC coated oversized buckets
  • Optimized billet aluminum/carbon fiber intake manifold.
  • Customer supplied EFI systems (Europe) engine management system

Panoz GT-2 Modular Ford 5.0 Liter

Panoz Motor Sports offered up the challenge, could the Ford 32 valve modular V-8 be developed to compete against the most established racing manufacturers in the world: Porsche and Ferrari? In three short years, the Panoz Esperante and Èlan Power produced shocking results with American Le Mans Series wins: 12 Hours of Sebring GT-2 wins, and the crown jewel with Team LNT scoring the GT-2 win at the 2006 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Engine featured:

  • Factory Ford produced head and block castings
  • Èlan low friction cylinder liners
  • Original equipment, forged, rolled fillet crankshaft with extensive lightening and counter weight phasing for extended high RPM use
  • Carrillo rods with DLC coated Del West wrist pin
  • Original equipment cylinder heads with extensive port development and lightening
  • Èlan designed barrel throttle with proprietary castings and carbon fiber runners
  • Bosch MS 4.0 engine management system with active detonation control, flat shift, and lateral G sensitive traction control.

Saleen S7 Acemco Motorsports 7.0 Liter

Acemco Motorsports chose Èlan Power for a power upgrade for their GTS Saleen S7. This team, car, engine, combination was very successful. The package was highly competitive against the mighty GM Corvette program with several pole positions and podiums. The engine was updated in 2009 for FIA GT and achieved two poles and two wins with a limited schedule.

Engine featured:

  • Ford based aluminum block with proprietary low friction liners.
  • Bryant racing lightweight crankshaft
  • Carrillo rods with DLC on steel pins
  • High port, Ford based cylinder heads with seats and valves prepared for unleaded fuel
  • Valve train developed in conjunction with Comp cams and Jesel with net valve lift approaching  .800
  • Èlan Power designed billet sump with 5 stage lobe style scavenge system with all scavenge plumbing machined into the sump
  • Èlan Power/Èlan Composites carbon fiber intake manifold, featuring an Èlan developed technique that produces smooth, molded surface finishes on both the inside and outside of parts
  • Èlan Power tuned Bosch MS 4.2 engine management with active detonation control,
  • Flat shift, and lateral G sensitive traction control

Panoz LMP1

Based on the reliable 302 Ford, Èlan Power developed this into one of the most capable sportscar race engines in the world. This engine went through a comprehensive development program. Every aspect of the engine was developed to compete at the highest level in the world. It had a proven track record with 4 wins over the mighty factory Audi R-8 team and best finish of 5th overall at Le Mans. The last specification was the Èlan 6L8LMP1.

Engine included:

  • Ford racing aluminum block- CNC machined, prototype sized roller cam bearings
  • Bryant Racing ultra light custom crank shaft
  • Custom Carrillo rods
  • Structural sump with 5-stage lobe style dry sump system
  • CNC machined Ford C3 cylinder heads
  • Valve train developed in conjunction with Comp Cams with a net valve lift  approaching  .800î
  • Bosch 2.9 fuel management with EPP calibrated, cylinder pressure/crank phase based, active detonation control
  • Carbon fiber intake manifold with 2 injectors per cylinder phased in/out for different conditions
  • Horsepower 640 Torque 550 (depending on restrictor)
  • 25 race hour service life

F-2000   DP08

This Ford Zetec based race engine is a new project for Èlan Power. The sanctioning body generates this engine specification; however, Èlan Power has improved a few areas to increase cooling and reliability. Our attention to detail on assembly coupled with our association with excellent teams has placed the Elan F-2000 in the winners circle.

Engine features:

  • Ford Zetec based engine with cast iron block and aluminum head
  • Sanctioning body mandated cam shaft, head, intake, and short block specification
  • Optional Elan design and manufactured billet intake manifold
  • Èlan Power designed accessory drive system using standard rotation water pump
  • 3-stage gearotor dry sump system
  • Pectel engine management software

Mazda MZR 2.3 Liter

Reliable, inexpensive power was the goal in developing this engine. Originally used in the Mazda MZR / Ranger truck, the engine internally showed great race engine potential. Èlan has developed this engine to produce from 215 ~ 275 reliable horsepower, depending on the application. The MZR based DP02 engine produces 230 horsepower and has a service life of over 25 hours.

Engine features:

  • Mazda MZR original equipment castings
  • Èlan Power modified crankshaft and cam drive for extended high RPM use
  • Èlan Power proprietary cast aluminum intake
  • Èlan power cast aluminum, structural sump
  • 3 stage geroter style dry sump pump.
  • Èlan designed accessory drive system with standard rotation water pump
  • Life racing engine management with data acquisition

Mazda MZR 2.0 Liter

Èlan developed a Mazda MZR based 2.0 liter for SCCA CSR competition. This engine propelled Matt Miller to his first SCCA national championship.  This engine is the current engine for the IMSA Prototype Lites racing series.

Engine features:

  • Rules mandated 10:1 compression
  • Ultra light Mahle 2 ring pistons
  • Piston guided Carrillo rods
  • Èlan machined ultra flow head.
  • Comp cams proprietary cam shafts
  • 260+ hp @ 9000 RPM



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