Aerospace tooling is an important part of Élan’s business.  Tapping our decades of  motorsports experience where precision can mean the difference between winning and losing and safety and catastrophe, we have perfected our composite mould building capabilities and applied them to the aerospace sector.

The exceptional quality of our mould tools have opened many doors and helped us established loyal, working relationships with several prestigious aerospace and defense companies. Whether built to customer print or implementing some of our own tool-building designs, composite tool building is our expertise.

Quality, tight-tolerance parts start with quality tooling. Great parts come from great tooling, and great tooling comes from great tooling companies.

At Élan, results matter.

“I have been working with Èlan Composites for about eight years. They fabricate some of the best composite tools of all the vendors that I have worked with. They are prompt, courteous and stand behind their tools. I would highly recommend them for any composite tool needs.”

Rickey Crosby,  Tool Planner/Tool designer,  Gulfstream Aerospace


“Èlan is a great source for composite tooling.  We have worked with several companies in the past, but, Èlan produces the finest carbon product on the market today.  We appreciate your professionalism, responsiveness, and ‘get-it-done’ attitude, but mostly, we love the quality of your work.  You are our ‘go to’ partner.  Keep up the good work.”

Ray Ringleb,  Matrix Composites


“Many thanks to your team there at Èlan Technologies.  No matter the challenge, you never fail to deliver on your reputation for great quality.  Even when we put you ‘under the gun’ and need a quick turnaround, your workmanship and quality don’t suffer.  It is a pleasure to work with you.  Keep up the good work.”

Paul Bartlett,  President & CEO,  Liberty Aerospace, Inc.


Aerospace tooling projects:

  • Extremely Accurate Post-Machined Composite Tooling
  • Bonding Tool
  • Dorsal Splitter Tooling
  • EVS Tooling
  • Saddle Door Tooling
  • Tail Cone Tooling
  • Mics Aero Tooling



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